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Dance Festivals & Innovation

24 hours back to back coding

To stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship in the dance and festival scene, ADE 2016 will see DGTL, Young Creators and ADE joining forces to organize the first ever ADE Hackathon. As the electronic music scene is using data & technology more and more, these three parties acknowledge that it is of importance to discover further opportunities in this domain.

At the ADE Hackathon, smart developers, designers and entrepreneurs are asked to think about the challenges that are faced by the dance and festival scene, but also to think about the opportunities that data and technology provide. A group of 100 selected bright minds will be invited to develop smart concepts, new apps and inspiration within a challenging timespan of 24 hours.

The event will be closed at DGTL KOMPAKT at the NDSM and all concepts created during the ADE Hackathon will be shared here.



The challenges

Read about the opportunities to tackle.


Successful dutch startups in the event industry

Datasets & API's

The available resources for building hacks

Main prize

A weekend at DGTL Festival Barcelona

Including Flights, Hotel & Backstage Passes


Hackathon Challenges

Are you up for a challenge?

The dance and festival scene has numerous challenges to choose from. From managing your bookings, administration and of course talking to your fans as a DJ to managing the crowd at a festival terrain as a production manager. The topics are very different and we will make a final pick on short notice. Only one topic is set…and that’s the Wild Card, where you can go all out with your creativity. Next to that, other possible items are Safety & Security, Travel & Dance, Enhanced Festival Experience, DJ Next Gen.

1. Sustainability     2. Brand Activation   3. Data Connections     4. Events & The City    5. Wildcards





Young Creators is a community of young creatives, entrepreneurs, designer, developers…you name it. It is a group of people helping each other in their quest towards their own startup, a cool job or with just being the best in what they do.

The Young Creators Foundation connects the community to resources needed on this quest. This not only means organizing events where young creators can meet each other, but also connecting them to mentors, assignments, work experience, network and so on. Young Creators has the goal to help this group as best as possible, while schools and universities don’t cover the topics young creators need to follow their dream and realize their ideas.  


DGTL Festival is one of the leading Dance Festival in Amsterdam, organizing big events during Amsterdam Dance Event, Easter, as well as abroad in Barcelona. DGTL wants to interact more consciously on scarce resources and besides that would like to reduce the output of carbon dioxide, energy use, waste and transport use. These are all different topics that need attention to create a better sustainable festival in order to even be able to organize events like these for the next years.

We are aiming to produce a festival as sustainable as possible but we also keep in mind that the way we work towards this goal needs to fit into the DNA of DGTL. Innovation is an important factor to the festival. We want to surprise visitors with our progressive projects and create awareness to them but then, of course, in a cool way. 


ADE is the ultimate annual business and innovation platform in the field of electronic music.

In the past twenty years ADE has grown into a globally renowned platform for the international dance and electronic music scene. The festival is the perfect place to spot the latest musical trends and emerging talents, as well as hearing the most recent work of both electronic music pioneers and current superstar acts. In addition to the extensive line-up of the ADE Festival, ADE Playground offers music enthusiasts a large and varied daytime program including exhibitions, in-store promotions, pop-up stores and film screenings all over the city center. The business aspect of the event (ADE Conference) is recognized as the most important of its kind, presenting a broad range of conferences and networking opportunities that focus on music and technology, VJs & visuals, sustainability, dance & brands, harder dance styles, new talent and the education of students.

ADE stimulates innovation and entrepreneurship in the dance & festival scene by projects such as the Hackathon.

The Program

The ADE Hackathon will start around 13.00/14.00 on Friday October 21 and we will end with the pitches & prizes 24 hours later. After that you can chill out at home or at the venue. We all meet again at 21.00 for some drinks and of course the grand finale….DGTL KOMPAKT.


October 22nd

7:00      Breakfast
12:30    Lunch
13.45    Hackings ends
15:00    Pitches
15:50    Short break
16.15    Prize ceremony
16.30    End
22:00    DGTL Kompakt


October 21st

13:00    Doors open
14:00    Official opening
15:00    Hacking starts
20:00    Dinner time
23:30    Pizza time



All participants of the hackathon will be granted access to sold out DGTL x Kompakt night at the Scheepsbouwloods on Saturday from 22:00-7.00.

Facebook Event     Timetable & Info


The venue

The Hackathon will take place amidst all the ADE Festivities at the NDSM terrain in Amsterdam North. Our homebase for the weekend will be the Greenpeace HQ.

Greenpeace Nederland
NDSM-Plein 32
1033WB Amsterdam


Apply for this hackathon

As most festivals and dance events started small and grew over time, this first edition of the ADE Hackathon (unfortunately) has room for only 100 participants. We are looking at a great mix of people. We’ll have a look at all applications, and let you know last week of September if we have a seat open for you. In case we are not able to invite you due to a high number of applications, don’t be disappointed…its only our first edition and next year we are going all out with as many participants as we can get!  One last thing; you must be 18 years or older as we close off at DGTL Kompakt with all hackathon participants.


Sign up for the ADE Hackathon

Registration is closed


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Sponsors & Partners

Our partners and sponsors are essential to create a great event! Data and technology will support the hackathon participants in building solutions for our challenges. Are you interested to join? Would you like to bring in your data or would you like to connect your brand to this event? Contact us at or

Video in header by Mickael Le Goff

Results ADE Hack 2016

ADE Volt (Winner ADE Hackathon 2016)

ADE Volt is an application that registers movement of festival visitors by use of sensors that are already in your mobile phone. With this information the festival light show can interact with the dance vibe of the visitors in real time. This data also gives insights in how well a performance of an artist is perceived by the crowd. Maybe it can even be a source for a new artist rating. After all the best DJ is the one that gets the crowd dancing.

The data generated can be used for multiple applications. It’s entertaining for the public to see where the crowd is going wild, but it can also be used for other purposes.


Q helps festival organizers to better distribute waiting lines across various bars, toilets and entrances. Q advises festival visitors which bar or toilet to go to avoid queues. 

Crowd Control

With our technology 'Incentive Based Crowd Control (IBCC)’ we distribute visitors from busy festival areas by discounting less crowded festival areas. We can measure differences in sales velocity by checking the RFID scans at different bars, once they hit a certain threshold we start incentivizing visitors to go to other bars/locations, which will also help food points to sell their stock, subsequently preventing waste. We will only incentivize visitors with at least one token on their RFID. We don’t know yet exactly what these thresholds for labeling a busy bar are, for that we would like the opportunity to experiment.

Leegstand activator

De ‘Leegstand Activator’ provides all information needed about a location, the neighborhood and even the estimated turnover when you would organize an event there. With this information the owner of the property can be convinced to rent out the location for events, instead of leaving it empty and unused.


Big lines at bars and food trucks are not a result from a limited number of sales points, but by bad distribution of people. Smartender is the “buien radar” for crowds at festivals. Where are they now and when can you expect them? Based upon well calculated predictions, Smartender gives insight in where ques will appear and will advise you beforehand to get your drinks or burger early or just a bit later so you don’t have to wait in line.


For the ADE Hackathon, Team Hoodie came up with a recycling rewards mobile app and an integrated data management platform for festival events. The mobile app rewards users when acting in a sustainable way. The data management platform would provide analysis and comprehensive visualization of festival data, including carbon dioxide emissions tracking.

OV Refund

Who knew that you can get a refund of 50% when you had a delay with the train? Then you, and 15.599 other travelers are helped. OVrefund makes claiming your refund as easy as checking out!

Getting a refund used to be an energy draining process based on a paper form, but now this is a digital process. Now OVRefund will look at all your trips of the past three months and checks them for delays. And, we will continue doing this for all your next trips, every three months. So the next time you check out and had a delay you will get your money back automatically, and we can make it easy to donate a part of your refund without leaving our site/app.

We estimated that we can reclaim 50 million euros for our customers per year. We force the operator to be more punctual with their trains, which means we are indirectly making public transportation more convenient and we can transform car drivers to train commuters. 

Get Wyse

We made a chatbot within Facebook Messenger where you can receive information and ask questions regarding your entire festival experience. From time tables, to information about food trucks, to donations of your digital coins to a charity. It could all be done in one central environment. Get Wyse offers you a comprehensive source for all the questions and needs that you have, end thereby enhancing the experience of the festival visitor.