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Winner ADE Hackathon 2018


Their sustainability concept evolved around creating awareness of your personal festival carbon footprint. When purchasing a tree planting fee to compensate your footprint, also a digital tree was created and instantly shown to the visitors at large screens on site. The amount of digital trees showed how people altogether were contributing, ensuring an increase of awareness.

Dance Festivals & Innovation

24 hours back to back coding

To stimulate innovation in the dance and festival scene, ADE 2018 will see DGTL, ADE and the Tech & Dance Collective joining forces again to organize the third ADE Hackathon. As technology is at the core of electronic music, these three parties acknowledge that there is much to discover on how festival organizers, artists, labels and any other player in the music industry can use data and technology to grow, innovate and do new creative stuff.

At the ADE Hackathon, developers, designers, entrepreneurs and other creative minds are asked to think about the challenges that are faced by the dance and festival scene, but also to think about the opportunities that data and technology provide. A group of 100 selected bright minds will be invited to develop smart concepts, new apps and inspiration within a challenging timespan of 24 hours.

The event will be closed at DGTL OUTLIER on Saturday October 20 at the NDSM



Successful dutch startups in the event industry


Data & Tech

The available resources for building hacks

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Main prize

A weekend at DGTL Festival Barcelona

Including Flights, Hotel & Backstage Passes

Hackathon Challenges

The dance and festival scene has numerous challenges and opportunities and we ask you to use data and new technology to innovate. AR, VR, IoT, RFID...whatever technology or data you want use, go for it! We will focus on three topics. 


Festivals are a great example of temporarily small cities that can help actual cities achieve the same successes. DGTL wants to become the first circular festival in 2020, This is an ambitious goal, but they’re on the right track and set an example as a pioneer in the festival landscape. Last year DGTL visitors produced only 1/7th of the waste they would produce at other festival. All cups were reused, the foodcourts sold no meat, all the waste from foodcourts was collected and turned into compost, and they even did tests with turning urine back into drinkable water.

DGTL has a lot of data for you. Not only bar performance, payment info and other visitor related data via the RFID wristbands. They have produced a material flow index, where literally all the materials that are used, re-used, recycle and incinerated are explained. Can you help us use this data to help DGTL become even more sustainable: create better insights and stimulate festival visitors to become more sustainable themselves?

Copyright, music licensing and compensation

With the rise of the big streaming services and technologies like blockchain, copyright and distribution of earnings are a hot topic. But how is the distraction of the earnings within electronic music currently done and what can be improved in the current process? The ways of distributing royalties have been around for a while, but are becoming more and more of a discussion topic. This is especially the case within the dance industry where a lot of royalties of music played at live events is distributed in a very traditional way. The technology and data are there, but how should we structure this?

30 years of dance music

2018 marks the year that ADE celebrates 30 years of electronic music. How did we get here, and where are we going? Insights in the past and present can be very useful for the future. What parts of the world are still to be conquered by electronic music and where can we find the new artists, genres and initiatives in dance? Let’s look at our past to identify opportunities for the future. Electronic music is for everybody, so let’s see how we can contribute achieving this goal.




DGTL Festival is one of the leading dance festivals in Amsterdam. Every year we open the festival season during Easter, we host 3 nights at NDSM during the Amsterdam Dance Event and have grown internationally to Sao Paulo, Tel Aviv, Santiago de Chile and Barcelona.

DGTL wants to interact more consciously on scarce resources and besides that would like to reduce its footprint. We are aiming to produce a festival as sustainable as possible but we also keep in mind that the way we work towards this goal needs to fit into the DNA of DGTL. Innovation and use of technology is an important factor to the festival. We want to surprise visitors with our progressive projects and create awareness with them but of course in a cool and appealing way.


ADE is the ultimate annual business and innovation platform in the field of electronic music.

In the past twenty years ADE has grown into a globally renowned platform for the international dance and electronic music scene. The festival is the perfect place to spot the latest musical trends and emerging talents, as well as hearing the most recent work of both electronic music pioneers and current superstar acts. In addition to the extensive line-up of the ADE Festival, ADE Playground offers music enthusiasts a large and varied daytime program including exhibitions, in-store promotions, pop-up stores and film screenings all over the city center. The business aspect of the event (ADE Conference) is recognized as the most important of its kind, presenting a broad range of conferences and networking opportunities that focus on music and technology, VJs & visuals, sustainability, dance & brands, harder dance styles, new talent and the education of students.

ADE stimulates innovation and entrepreneurship in the dance & festival scene by projects such as the Hackathon.



The Tech & Dance Collective aims at making cross industry connections at the intersection of technology, data, entrepreneurship and music. The Tech & Dance Collective has been part of the ADE Hackathon since the very beginning and mixes its network in the innovation and startup scene with the music industry trying to create an environment in which new collaborations, innovations and connections are born.

The Program

The ADE Hackathon will start at 16.30 on Friday October 19 and we will end with the pitches & prizes 24 hours later. After that you can chill out at home or at the venue. We all meet again at 23.00 for some drinks and of course the grand finale….DGTL OUTLIER at the NDSM wharf.


October 20

08:00    Breakfast buffet   
12:30    Lunch
15.00    1st round judging
17:15    Stop Hacking
18.00    Pitches & Prizes
19.00    End & Chill
23:00    DGTL x OUTLIER


October 19

16:00    Doors open
17:00    Official opening    
18:00    Hacking starts
21:00    Dinner time



The opening will include a short but in-depth intro to the three different challenges by some experts

Do you want to check out the final pitches on Saturday? Come an join us from 17.00. You don't need an ADE conference pass or seperate ticket.


All participants of the hackathon will be granted access to DGTL x OUTLIER night at the Scheepsbouwloods on Saturday from 22:00-06:00 with sets from artists like Bonobo, Ame, DJ Koze, KiNK and Mano le Tough. Timetable & Info

The venue

The Hackathon will take place at the heart of ADE on Leidseplein, not far from ADE HQ and next to Paradiso. The ADE Hackathon will be co-hosted by Label A & Bynder

Label A & Bynder
Max Euweplein 38
1017 MB Amsterdam



Tech & Data Partners

Our partners and sponsors are essential to create a great event! Data and technology will support the hackathon participants in building solutions for our challenges. Are you interested to join? Would you like to bring in your data or would you like to connect your brand to this event? Contact us a