Main prize – Overall winner

A weekend at DGTL Festival Barcelona

Including Flights, Hotel & Backstage Passes

Judging Process and criteria



Over the course of the entire hackathon the technical coaches from KPN and Young Creators have made a technical assessment. These technical coaches will have three representatives in the grand jury to make sure that the winning hack has the technical finesse we’re looking for in a hackathon. 

Creativity & Business viability

The judging will be done in one sitting, where all teams get 5 minutes to present their to the judges and partners. With their expertise of the market and the context of the challenges is mind they will judge the creativity and viability of ideas. After this the judges will have a short meeting to decide which team will win the grand price. 

After this it is up to the partners themselves to decide who they’ll grant their own prizes.



  • You'll hook your own laptop on to the beamer (either VGA or HDMI)
  • You get 5 minutes stage time. It's up to you if you use the full length for your pitch or demo, or rather keep the pitch short and open up 2 or 3 minutes for the judges to aks questions and get a better understanding of your hack.
  • It's up to you if you want to show a demo, a presentation or something crazy. Remember that live demos are really cool but come with a risk (free tip: record a screen-cap of your demo as a back-up)


15:00 Start pitches
15:50 Short break for the jury to decide
16:15 Prize ceremony



Partner Prizes

All participating partners can choose a team to their liking based on API usage, creativity and implementation possibilities for that specific partner.