- RFID DATA: Think about different data collected via the wristbands. All transactions made during the event are registered. Number of drinks, sort of drinks and food, interval between consumptions, alcoholic Y/N, point of sale, time of purchase, price per unit, transaction type (purchase, top up, refund) etc.

- TICKET DATA: all information exchange taking place when purchasing a ticket like time and date of purchase, gender, date of birth, country, language, delivery address

- SURVEY: Information retrieved from a short survey like age, gender, education and general remarks and suggestions

- OTHERS: floorplan, time tables, tracklist (incl time stamp)

Additional data will follow. All data will be provided via CSV files, but other formats are also possible.



Sogeti is doing some live research about Digital Happiness during ADE. Several 'reporters' will be monitored during ADE and will generate data which will also be brought into the hackathon. Want to know more about this, check out http://digitalhappiness.io/ (in Dutch).The Digital Happiness research will collect the following data: 



FUGA provide technology and service that enable record labels, distributers and C2B music services to deliver music content to over 250 music streaming and download services worldwide. If you want to deliver music content to Spotify or iTunes as part of your ADE Hackaton idea then you can use our API to do so.

The FUGA API is a RESTful interface to our services. You can create albums, track, artists and labels, upload digital content and send it to music services. Check  https://github.com/IndependentIP/fuga-api-example for more information.



We will provide full access to our platform as well as beacon hardware to test with. These two components enable you to quickly use beacons and location based technology to create awesome experiences. We will install several beacons in the venue so you can generate data real time.

Using the inBeacon SDK you can easily integrate beacon and location based technology like geofencing into your concept (iOS and Android). Check out our website for more info. https://inbeacon.co/developers/



With 1,25 million registered Dutch users I’M IN is one the most popular event apps. The app includes a personalized agenda, including dance events and can also buy and win tickets there. By using InBeacon technology in your concept I'M IN can reach its users with push notifications via Geo Fencing and/or IBeacons.

During the ADE Hackathon I'M IN allows the participants to target its user base in cooperation with InBeacon. Next to that I'M IN will be able to let you use certain functionalities in the app, like their newsletter or advertisment options. I'M IN will be on site to provide all the context needed to use their app. Want to know more? Check https://appimin.com/ 



VR and AR incubator VRBase (www.vrbase.co) will provide some VR gear for you to work with. We will bring 2 (VR capable) laptops along with 4 Oculus Rift headsets and 2 Oculus Touch. In addition, we will bring a Z Cam S1 360 degree camera capable of shooting 6K video. Cas Ketel (info@casketel.com) will be present to help you out with the camera and VR prototyping (Unreal Engine 4). Feel free to contact him for any VR related questions.


Philips Hue

Like last year we will have our friends of Hue Lightning present with their developer kits. Last year they were part of the winning application, where dance intensity on the dance floor was connected to the lightning. Philips is keen on great new applications for Hue. So check out how you can use Hue in your concept.

Check the hackathon kits and quick start guide: https://developers.meethue.com/documentation/hackathon-developers-guide. For more info in on the API check https://developers.meethue.com/philips-hue-api.



Discogs, short for dicographies is a website and crowdsourced database of information about audio recordings, including commercial releases, promotional and bootleg releases. Discogs currently contains over 8 million releases, by nearly 4.9 million artists, across over 1 million labels, contributed from nearly 346,000 contributors. Discogs is also a market place where you can buy and sell your records. While the sales of physical records is declining, the number of transactions on Discogs is growing.Vinyl is hot again!

The Discogs API v2.0 is a RESTful interface to Discogs data. You can access JSON-formatted information about Database objects such as Artists, Releases, and Labels. Your application can also manage User Collections and Wantlists, create Marketplace Listings, and more. Check the website for more information https://www.discogs.com/developers/ 



Our algorithm applies fifty-five weighted variables (e.g. complex moods, voice families, contextual keywords, special facts, etc.) to each music unit (e.g. tracks, genres, labels) so as to model the world’s discography as a multi-layered system of crossed influences derived from our extensive granular database. Our four interrelated APIs (data, media, simil/recommendation, and mapping) scan this proprietary database in a fraction of a second and match the data with any client’s catalogue to allow unprecedented relevance in music recommendation and the creation of advanced music applications.



Event Engineers

Event Engineers supports events with temporary infrastructures like wifi, internet, power and water supplies to events, including dance festivals and tech conferences. Lately we have been experimenting with mapping visitor flows by using wifi installations. During the ADE Hackathon we will provide you with the syslog file of the wifi use during the ADE Conference in the ADE HQ in the DelaMar Theater. The file includes the client - AP events like time, join/leave, session time, previous AP, etc).


Armada Music

Armada Music is one of the largest independent dance music labels, with many artists such as Armin van Buuren, Lost Frequencies, Showtek, Fedde le Grand and Erick Morillo. In their database you will find information from one of the label’s streaming services. It consists of hundreds of millions of data lines about the performance of its music (i.a. skip rates & % of play), its users (i.e. country, age & gender) and the way its music is streamed (playlists, source, album, device type). The data is anonymised and made available in Big Query and MySQL. Check http://adehack.armadamusic.com/ for more info.


Spinnin' Records

Spinnin' Records is one of the big dance labels with artists like Tiesto, Armand van Helden and Bob Sinclair. Spinnin' will provide some dummy data from social platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud and Facebook. This data is anonymized and is just there to give you an idea which information is available. Check https://github.com/SpinninRecordsOfficial/ade-hack-2017 for more info.