Flight Offer API

Airlines don’t provide all too much inspiration on their websites. Flight search options are often only limited to selecting origin A and destination B one by one. This makes it rather time consuming to compare and find several destinations and flights that meet various, sometimes very specific needs (such as watching your favorite band or soccer team in Europe play during your holidays). User experience regarding flight search is not really inspiring or efficient for that manner. It’s often very limited and can be so much more fun!

Our Flight Offer API challenges you to develop the most original, inspiring and effective alternative search engine to help travellers find exactly that flight that meets their specific needs. Go crazy and combine virtual reality if you like to bring back to life the travel agency around the corner. Feel free, it’s up to you what you’ll make of it.

JSON is used for this REST API. Please check out the documentation on this portal.


Hue API & Kits

Build cool Apps with the provided Philips Hue Lights. The API is free and open for anyone (registration required)

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